Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ready to roar...!

“It has been over a month since assembly election results were declared. Speculations were rife of new political equations, alliances, breakups though none of them came true!

These elections were historical in a true sense if one considers the significant shift of political ideologies of the voters. BJP got 27% vote share, Shivsena 19.3% while vote shares of NCP and Congress’s were 17.2 and 18% respectively. In short, 48-49% votes were against congress -influenced socialism and pseudo-secularism. Almost half of Maharashtra voted for national Hindutva.

But, this pivotal shift in voting preferences has been largely ignored by the so-called political pundits. They have still not been able to accept the reality of people’s changed views and election results. This self-proclaimed `progressive’ tribe of intellectuals lives in their own bubble! At least now they should see the tilt towards National Hindutva which got the combined strength of 186 seats with BJP’s 123 and Shivsena’s 63. More than two third of the electorate has rejected congressi pseudo- secularism and socialism. This mandate needs to be analysed sincerely.

Now that the new government has won the trust vote, people have entrusted us with a huge responsibility and we are already delivering! Be it getting Industrial licences in flat three days, cutting down the political interference in government transfers or other administrative reforms; our new government is committed to bring in a new era of good governance. Bureaucrats who parked themselves in ministers’ cabins for years for their personal interests are shown the door. Administrative officers on APMCs have been dismissed and elections will now be held democratically. Similarly, fair key decisions have been taken about college elections. In less than a month, our government has taken giant steps towards good governance and this is just the beginning!

But a litmus test lies for others. Especially for those knights-in-shining-armour who seem so concerned about Maharashtra’s growth and future! The least they can do for the state is stop playing heads or tails and take a firm stand! We have already chosen our path and have begun our journey. It is upto others if they want to join hands!

Our next course of action is going to be a strict crackdown against various scams of previous governments. Those who will not cooperate or create hurdles in this pursuit, will be clearly shielding the corruption and the corrupt! They might try and package their resistance under the glittering wrappers of asmita but their true intentions will be exposed in no time once the crackdown begins!”

......As told to Mrudula Varaskar

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