Monday, 17 November 2014

Why this space!

Namaskar! Many of my friends, specially from the media insist that I should write regularly. Nice suggestion nad easier said than done given the nature of my work and schedules.

The platform that offers a total freedom to express surely seems interesting and intimidating at the same time. Interesting because the medium is interactive, flexible yet powerful. Intimidating for the commitment of time and discipline it demands! As you can imagine last few months have been pretty hectic. But now, as our new government in the state settles in, things should get back to normal. So, I am hoping that it will afford me luxury of some time to share my views on many things political and few personal, at times! I already have a blog in Marathi but for reaching out to wider readership, I am starting one in English too. Words may be different but they will tell the same story!

So, here I am... I will certainly appreciate your feedback and discussions on the keep them coming...

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